The objective of the conference is to provide a forum for scientist and researchers to present recent progress in research and development, and to report implementation of new tools and technologies in practical applications.

Sustainable sites
Sustainable construction
Sustainable infrastructure development & planning
Urban green infrastructure & planning
Sustainable Cites, villages


Water efficiency
Waste & waste water management for enhanced sustainability
Advance water & waste water technology
Rainwater harvesting
Water conservation


Energy & Atmosphere
Solar Energy
Wind and Hydro-power Energy
Alternative Clean Energy
Green Advanced Computations & Communication
Green Energy Economics, Policy, Financing & Business Practice


Material & resources
Sustainable Materials
Material flows & Industrial ecology
High performance concrete
AAC brick
Remove, Recycle, Repair of materials


Indoor environmental quality
Building automation
Indoor environmental quality
Indoor Plants


Climate change
Impacts of Climate Change
Climate Change & Reducing Greenhouse Emissions
Carbon Footprint
Impacts of Sustainable Bio-Fuel
Social Impact & Human Behavior
Climate Risk Management & Mitigation
Global Climate Model